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gesture like a normal person, goddamn
well u certainly aint a daddy urself

   "And it’s gonna stick that way. Take it from me—marriage and kids are too much of a hassle." …though he’ll gladly take a carbon copy of Nanako-chan.

      ”… A buncha babies talking about having babies…”

      ”Ai yi yi…what has the world come to?

I want  h o n e s t  opinions about how I portray my character. If there’s a constructive criticism, I’d like to read it. If you’re too shy to say it, you can tell it with the anon on. 


By 「森のきこり」



"You won’t fucking kill me. Why? Because your a weasel. You want to kill us all in fell swoop….and that’ll be your downfall."

>Tough talk from someone who has a gun pointed at his face…but you know it’s true. It’s the fatal flaw of the detective….his need to flaunt his smarts to all who challenge him.

     "…Pop quiz! I’m sure you'll have no problem answering.
      When you’re trying to take down a gang of delinquents,
      how do you do it?”

>   You’re just toying with him now.

      "Easy. Catch the banchō and the entire gang falls apart.”

      "So maybe it’ll be easier if I end it right here.
       Do you think your friends can stop me if you’re dead?
       I wonder if they can even figure out when to enter the
       TV without you around.”


Isn’t it polite to address those older than you as ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’? He’ll drop it from their encounters henceforth, then, if no one else bothers with it. “‘Rookie’ doesn’t make much sense if you’ve been here longer than I have,” he points out. 


The mention of the murderer doesn’t phase Seta in the least. If anything, he’s expecting it. Something about Adachi just screamsI wanna talk about violence!’, even if that’s exactly what’s happening here. “I’m sure you police are working hard on making Inaba a safe place.” He smiles, almost condescendingly. “Although, I’d say bored teenagers are never really a good thing.”

Sure, the dangers of a small town are not much compared to bustling cities, but there’s still danger. More from themselves than other people.

The kid’s attitude annoys him somewhat. Usually, Tohru didn’t subject teenagers to his judgment—they’re young; they’ll learn—but the placidity Souji carries seems out of place for his age. There didn’t even seem to be a hint of disquietude, which the blabber-mouthed detective tends to inflict just by speaking a few words more than he should.

And just who was he to talk to Tohru about boredom?

"Huh? What do you mean?" He asks. "I guess it’s not good for our next generation to be raised with nothing to do, but you’re still young. Go make some friends. Better yet, get in trouble while you can still get away with it…"

Then he adopts an expression of pure surprise, "W-Wait…do you think a teenager could be behind the killing?”


Once you realize that, all you have left in life is despair. The ultimate game over. Wouldn't it be better if that kind of reality was wiped away?

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It was obvious that Dojima was not fond of the detectives intrusion on the case - a feeling that was so often shared when he took on a case- and high tensions would only hinder the investigation further. Regardless of this fact, the recent disappearances were a strange occurrence - even more so given the complete lack of witnesses, and yet they victims would return safe and sound with little to none information. 

Those highschoolers were always there, too -

Catching a glimpse of Adachi as he walked through the station, feet moved quicker in order to catch up the taller male.

"Adachi-san, excuse me for a moment. I have a few questions to ask you, if I can take but a moment of your time."

As ordered by Dojima, Tohru compiled files on all the current case’s suspects. It was a small folder, but that was to be expected—Inaba was a small town, after all. It definitely stood for something, he thought, that Dojima (despite his consistent remarks on the young detective’s clumsiness and rookie behavior) entrusted him with the deed and not someone else in the precinct.

The stack of papers almost flew out of his grasp when he was called upon, though.

"Huh—Naoto-kun?" The detective froze on the spot, taking a moment to look around, appearing positive that he couldn’t be the one being addressed here, even though it was his name that was very clearly spoken.

"W-wow, you know my name already?" He asked, seeming particularly flattered by this, suddenly standing straighter than before and using his free hand to adjust his tie. "Go ahead! Err…I got plenty of time!"