headcanon stuff; It bothered me last night that I couldn’t remember if Japanese police officers used a .38 or .380 millimeter gun. So I went ahead and searched it just now with a brightened up image of Adachi’s gun.

Adachi uses a .38 mm gun (I think all police officers in Japan are given one). Okay… I’ll admit that’s not really useful but here are the enter and exist wounds from that chart I reblogged eheh.



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    IIRC Adachi uses a Minebea Model 60 service revolver. Snub-nosed, 38-caliber, five-round capacity. From what I’ve read...
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    At first I said, "Oh look at that gun. It’s so stout and cute" and then I remembered it’s a gun, "oh no wait, it’s not...
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"Once you realize that, all you have left in life is despair.
The ultimate game over.
Wouldn’t it be better if that kind of reality was wiped away?"

Tohru Adachi;;
the jester
the hunger
the reverse fool